The Feller Theatre Academy

Our Feller Theatre Academy program provides students the opportunity to explore their artistic and creative talents.  Each class provides experiences in all elements of stage performance – acting, singing, dancing – while also providing valuable life lessons in communication, teamwork, and self-confidence. Join us for an experience that will have long lasting and potentially life changing impact.  You may be surprised how much these programs can inspire, educate, and empower our students!  Come play with us!

Announcing our 2022-2023 Feller Programs!  See the scheduled offerings below.

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-Melinda Benya
Education Director

Spring 2023 Feller Programs


For students in 2nd – 5th Grade

An original script gives students the opportunity to shine in this classic musical with characters such as the Fashionista Pig and the very hip Ralph Da’ Wolf.

– Program is April 11th – May 27th, 2023
– Classes are Tue & Wed each week, 4:00-6:00pm
– Two Performances on Sat May 27th, 11am & 1pm
– Includes education in vocals, choreography, acting, and stage direction


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For students in 6th – 8th Grade

Harvard’s beloved blonde takes the stage by glittery pink storm in this fun and upbeat adaptation of the hit film and award-winning Broadway musical.

– Mar 4 – Apr 29, 2023
– 9 week program
– Classes are Saturdays, 9am – 2pm
– Two Performances on April 29th, 11am & 1pm
– Includes education in vocals, choreography, acting, and stage direction

Program Tuition: $325


For students in 9th – 12th Grade

An introductory course to explore the works of William Shakespeare. The “Ensemble Cast” will perform lines that have been repeated by actors both professional and amateur for over 400 years while increasing their knowledge and love of theatre, vocabulary and Shakespeare.

– Program is Mar 18 – Apr 22, 2023
– Classes are Saturday mornings, 9:00am-1:00pm
– Two Performances on Sat Apr 22, 11am & 1pm
– Includes education in acting and stage direction

Program Tuition: $275